Thursday, April 24, 2014

 'Jock' 8 weeks

 'Rhyme' 8 weeks 

 'Reason' 8 weeks

Nya and the puppies
'Jock' ~ (6 weeks) M
 'Poppy' ~(6 weeks) F
 'Reason'  ~ Dalalta Bright Idea (6 weeks) M
'Rhyme'  ~ Dalalta Star Lite Star Brite (6 weeks) F
Freckles is now 'Munroe' ~ Dalalta Bright Lights at Tripple Crown
Freckles and Beau, both Liver @ 7.5 weeks

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Liver Boy - one blue eye, such a happy laid back boy!
Liver Boy - 'Jock'

Black Boy  AKA 'Reason'
Liver boy with one blue eye
Our collars fit finally!
Photo: Our collars finally fit
Relaxing..just like my Dad does!
Enjoying the Spring weather!
Photo: Since I've been asked for yet another puppy picture... This is Shiner, the bad puppy that is planning on living with me forever.
happy puppies...
Checking out that puppy!
Just looking pretty!
Just relaxing

Friday, March 21, 2014

Here are some of the beautiful puppies from our last litter.  I am so very fortunate that they all have loving homes!
Bella in October colours!

Starter  at the beach

baby Bella

Scout on a hike!

Scout hunting

Scout after the bird

Scout coming back with the Bird!

Tripp enjoying the long Alberta winter!

3 weeks old today!

Puppies at 3 weeks of age...full tummies and sleeping soundly!